Ducks in the row.. Or my life is back on track

After my first blog post about goal setting in January I promised quickly another one, but the everyday whirlwind snatched me up and the only thing I could do is trying not to completely lose my mind. I managed it more or less. (If you ask my colleagues they would say LESS:)). Continue reading

Újra sínen…

Az első célokkal kapcsolatos blogpostom után januárban gyorsan megígértem egy másikat, azonban a mindennapok forgószele felkapott és csak egy dologra próbáltam fókuszálni: nem elveszíteni a fejemet. Ez többé-kevésbé sikerült is. (Ha a kollégáimat kérdezitek ők inkább azt mondanák, hogy kevésbé). De sebaj! Emberből vagyok én is. Continue reading

Hello January! Hello Goals!

Another couple days and you will give place to your buddy, February. You have been fast as lightning. It feels like you have just arrived and you are about to leave now. One foot in and the other is already out. Wow! 2018 kicked off. Most of us feel that starting a new year is the perfect timing for new beginnings, but research shows that 92% of the New Year’s resolutions will be broken or given up before Easter (or even quicker).

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