The Tale of Two Brains

‘I start to see: what men call female illogicality, it is actually logic, just different from theirs.’ /Robert Merle/

How many times has happened with you that you have not understood what your partner, spouse, friend or relatives of the opposite sex are doing? And how many times has this incomprehension led to a quarrel or miscommunication? Continue reading

Dear January,

Dear January,

Where have you gone? You have no idea how excitedly I was waiting for You and you abandoned me without a word! End of last year, I was impatiently counting the days till the day of your advent. Till others were waiting for the festive period and Christmas, I was waiting for You. Just for You! I know, I know! I should focus on the PRESENT and enjoy the moment instead of keeping my gaze on the future, but have you ever tried to explain to a kid to forget the Christmas presents under the Christmas tree and just focus on the vibe of the holiday? That’s how I felt and for me You were the Christmas present. Your friend, December was not very amiable with me and I had the feeling that from You I can expect something new, something more generous. Deep inside I felt that with your arrival change and many new plans and experiences will land in my life. Then you appeared, showed your frosty face and before I could even realize your presence, you left as an unexpected visitor who does not intend to be obtrusive. Tell me how could You do that with me?? I am desperately looking for You, but I can only catch a glimpse of your silhouette fading into the past and I feel you are wisely smiling at me. Continue reading