Hello January! Hello Goals!

Another couple days and you will give place to your buddy, February. You have been fast as lightning. It feels like you have just arrived and you are about to leave now. One foot in and the other is already out. Wow! 2018 kicked off. Most of us feel that starting a new year is the perfect timing for new beginnings, but research shows that 92% of the New Year’s resolutions will be broken or given up before Easter (or even quicker).

If you have been a regular in the gym you know exactly what I am talking about. First week of January the gym is fully packed with new members happily (or not so happily, but keenly) lifting weights, sweating and intoning to themselves that “this-year-I-will-lose-weight-and-will-be-fitter-than-ever”. End of January – beginning of February and the gym goes back to “normal” and you can greet the regular faces who you saw last year or the year before.

In the last couple years something changed in me and I started to believe in GOALS rather than resolutions. Ok. To be honest last year I started a Personal Development Coaching Program and Coaching is all about GOALS.

But why do people not set goals?

Take a minute. If I would ask you what you would like to accomplish this month or this year or by 2023, do you know your answer? If not, do not be surprised. Although having written goals is fundamental to success, 65% of people know what they do not want, but they do not know what they really want.

And what are the other 5 reasons people do not set goals?

  • Simple laziness. It is so much more comfortable to sit in front of the TV and do NOTHING than take a step closer to live their life to the fullest.
  • Many people do not believe that they need goals. They are doubters who do not believe in something they do not see.
  • Fear is another reason that paralyzes people to set goals. “What if I do not achieve it? Or what if I actually achieve what I set?”
  • “I do not know HOW?” Many people do not know how to set goals so they do not even start it.
  • And last, but not least: They want everything NOW. I mean Now now, not later now. Living in a society of instant gratification, please do not be surprised! Setting goals is about step by step.

Not setting goals is like driving somewhere without clearly determining where you are heading. It sounds funny, right? But your life is like a journey and you need some coordinates on the way. So take some time with yourself and turn on your GPS. In my next blogpost I will give some tips about how to set goals.

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  1. I liked it very much. I agree in setting our goals as part of our learning process journey through this life. Even more, the most important goal we need to have clear is the “purpose” we live for! Thank you very much Blanka.

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