Ducks in the row.. Or my life is back on track

After my first blog post about goal setting in January I promised quickly another one, but the everyday whirlwind snatched me up and the only thing I could do is trying not to completely lose my mind. I managed it more or less. (If you ask my colleagues they would say LESS:)).

I was working on a bigger and important project out of my comfort zone and proving for myself and as a result I overworked myself, I did not go to the gym, I ate unhealthy and I had no energy just go home to hit the bed and next day climb back into the rat race. In the last couple months, I totally lost sight of what’s really important for me and became more reactive instead of proactive. I couldn’t wait to finish the project and get my ducks in a row again.

Are you familiar with the above scenario? Have you been absorbed in the treadmill of everyday life? Have you ever lost focus? Or you focus on too many things in once?

“By focusing on the important “A” priorities rather than getting distracted by a very long laundry list, chances are that you’ll be more fulfilled and effective.”

Barbara Corcoran, founder of The Corcoran Group and Shark on “Shark Tank

So I decided to go back to basics and to take the following steps:

  • Have some “Me-time”: Spending some time – even 10 minutes – with myself without any distraction – just me and the Silence – is magical and transforming. If you do not have 10 minutes, just stop and notice your breathing for couple minutes. Inhale and exhale deeply. It will really help you to centre and ground yourself and focus on the present moment. I know it sounds funny, but sometimes we forget the power of breathing.
  • Go to the gym or do any type of sports, movements what feels good: For me going to the gym or go for a walk always has helped to clear my mind, feel alive again and sharpen my focus. Run, walk, swim, dance, do yoga, play tennis! Do whatever works for you! Just do it! 😉 – as the Nike slogan precisely captured it.
  • Journal: I started my first journal when I moved to California in 2011 and I needed to find a new way to process the impulses in my new environment. I have been writing my 13th diary now. It became my daily routine. When people ask me what I write about my answer is simple: About Everything. I write questions, answers, letters, funny stories and not so funny stories. I write when I am in a good mood or when I face some challenges, when I want to run away and hide from the world or when I feel over the moon with grace and love.

If you start journaling, it does not have to make sense. Your journal is yours. You never have to read it again if you do not want to, but it is there for you to keep your mind straight any time, anywhere especially when you feel overwhelmed. So grab a notebook and jot down whatever comes to your mind. Don’t overthink it, just write. Even if you start writing your shopping list. Just write!

  • Play: Growing up we forget to play and we act so serious that we do not even notice that the child in us longs to play again. (Thank God our kids remind us!) Do you remember what was your favourite toy when you were a child? Colouring book? Puzzle? Lego? Any board games? Maybe you can find them somewhere hidden in the garage or the attic. Dust them off. I know. I know! You do not have to tell to anybody that you got lost building a sand or Lego castle. Shh! I purchased a 1000-piece puzzle for myself. Let’s keep it as our little secret! 🙂


If you feel you can use some help with finding your focus or the way stepping forward, let’s have a chat! Reach out to me and we can go from there!  

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