Women and Men

The Tale of Two Brains

‘I start to see: what men call female illogicality, it is actually logic, just different from theirs.’ /Robert Merle/

How many times has happened with you that you have not understood what your partner, spouse, friend or relatives of the opposite sex are doing? And how many times has this incomprehension led to a quarrel or miscommunication? Continue reading

Theories of Everything

The bar is still quiet. Although most of the people are still impatiently waiting in the office for the clock to strike the end of work, couple people have already decided to shorten their working hours. It is just another usual Friday evening. Holding beer or a glass of wine in their hands they are chatting by the counter or the luckier – who could grab a seat – are resting their feet in high heels and discussing how they spent their working day in the office.I am quietly observing them. Continue reading