Yes! I am a Woman!

Today I went into the gym again. If you know me, you may also know that there is nothing special about that. Since I was born I always did some sport and the gym has always been my sacred place on every continent I lived. But today on a usual gym day something unusual happened there. I looked around in the women changing-room and a sudden current of energy and feeling inundated me. I felt that I am proud to be a WOMAN!

It was lunch time and women around me were getting ready to rush back into their workplace and sit back behind their desk in their pretty flowery dresses or navy suits. I observed them and I felt that although we are different in so many ways, a very strong bond links us: We are WOMEN!

I signed up for a boxing class and I wanted to pair up with a man, as usually on a boxing class I love to let it out and kick and hit hard, that most of the women usually do not really like. But before I could even think about that a lady stepped next to me and with a huge smile on her face she invited me to partner up with her. Although in the back of my mind I wanted to say no, I said yes. And I learnt an amazing lesson from her on that boxing class today.

As we did our circuit training I was really struggling with one of the exercises. I was about to quit, but she started to encourage me. As she was pushing my feet to the ground after each sit-up she shouted that I could do more and more and more… I was at the edge of crying as I was pushing myself so hard, but she did not let me give up. And I did it. I did not give up, because she did not give up on me. And it was an amazing feeling! Do you know what I saw today in us as in reflection of each other’s?  An abundant INNER STRENGTH what all women own. I am not talking about the physical strength. I am talking about something deeper. In our genes we – as women – all carry that limitless power and wisdom of former generations of women. We just have to discover and  find our way back to it. Back to the core. Back to our heart.

Women are amazing! (And I am not saying that because I am a woman. But it is true that I cannot think with a male mind). We are mothers, spouses, daughters, sisters, partners and girlfriends. We are all Wonder Women in our own special ways. Sometimes we are facing the exact same problems or something totally different, but what is common in us that we never give up. We learn our lessons – or maybe not – and we are able to burn something to ground to start it from scratch with a renewed energy. But why are we so hard on ourselves? Sometimes we think we are failing even if in somebody else’s eyes we are giving our 120%. We are working so hard, raising kids, running households, doing sports, writing books and blogs, planning, organizing and doing so some many fantastic things to run the world… Sometimes we would like to hide, hang the ‘DO NOT DISTURB’ sign on our door (especially once in a month) and scream or break down. But in most of the cases we just do not have the time to do that because we want to prove to ourselves and to the world that we can do it! And we can. And you know what? It is also OK if we CAN NOT!

Today I want to say that You are ENOUGH. Just as you are! Not with 5 kilos less or with 2 more kids. Just as you are right now!! I know You want to be the best mom, the best employer, the best partner, the best … (feel free to substitute what you feel), but please stop for a moment and breath in and out and say it out loud: TODAY I AM AMAZING AND ENOUGH JUST AS I AM!

Today I would like to embrace that I am a WOMAN and I would like to say thank you to all of those amazing and inspiring women who surround me. My mum, my aunt, my grandma, my cousins, my friends, my colleagues, other relatives, every women and I would like to say a special thank you to that lady, who today did not let me to give up and whom with her outstanding energy and inner strength reminded me how fantastic to be a woman.

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  1. I liked very much!!!! Really nice! Congrats! You are strong and very capable of amazing things to do and achieve. You must feel happy of who you truly are!


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